my name is josiah dunham. i am a producer, mixing engineer, live music director, keyboardist, guitarist, and bassist living between nashville and los angeles..

i have worked with a variety of artists from a diverse set of genres. 

  • DE PALMA - producer, live keyboardist.
  • HERITVGE - mix engineer (for debut EP), live bassist and guitarist, and studio musician.
  • O2 EXPERIENCE - touring guitarist.
  • RNE AUDIO - composer, producer.
  • LUKE KRUTZKE AND THE HIGH TIDES - live bass guitarist.
  • FRESH LIFE CHURCH - weekly music director, creative team sound designer, event guitarist and keyboardist, recording guitarist.
  • FLANNEL GRAPH - studio bassist, touring bassist.
  • CASEY DUBIE -touring bassist, producer.
  • ADJECTIVE ANIMAL - producer, live track engineer.
  • CHAUNCEY ALLISON - mix engineer.